NDP wants dangerous truck traffic rerouted from Dewdney Avenue

When the provincial government amalgamated heavy haul traffic into the Global Transportation Hub (GTH), it failed to put a plan in place to route vehicles away from residential areas – now Regina families and the NDP are calling for a common sense solution before it’s too late.

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Government must start taking health privacy seriously

With the release of another privacy commissioner report today, NDP health critic Danielle Chartier is asking the government to start taking the commissioner’s recommendations, and people’s private health information, seriously.

“In 2010, the independent privacy commissioner made a number of recommendations after revealing that people’s private health information just wasn’t secure in Saskatchewan,” said Chartier. “Four years later, this government hasn’t taken action and we have even more cases of breached privacy, another report and more recommendations. This has got to stop.”

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Government votes against fixing dishonest bookkeeping

Under questioning about its failed audit, the government voted against a motion Monday to use truthful accounting – a move by the government in favour of protecting its dishonest financial reporting practices.

“This is unprecedented,” said NDP finance critic Trent Wotherspoon. “This government failed an audit as a result of its dishonest accounting practices. For the government to say now it wants to continue those dishonest practices – that’s utter disrespect for taxpayers, and it has to stop.”

In Monday’s Public Accounts Committee meeting, with the independent provincial auditor present, Wotherspoon moved for the committee to vote in favour of rectifying the unprecedented failed audit, and take action to ensure that Saskatchewan's public finances are honest and reliable.

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NDP opposes closure of Pasqua pediatrics

The official Opposition wants the government to change course and stop the closure of children’s treatment units at Regina’s Pasqua Hospital.

Following a decision from the health region, pediatric care in Regina would be delivered only at the Regina General Hospital. Children battling cancer being treated at the Pasqua’s Allan Blair Cancer Centre would be moved to the General Hospital, away from the cancer treatment centre. And, pediatric intensive care would be closed entirely, leaving care for the sickest children only available in Saskatoon.

“This government is dismissing the needs of patients and the pressures of growth while it continues its cuts to health care,” said Danielle Chartier, NDP health critic.

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Finance minister must resign over untrustworthy books: NDP

Saskatchewan’s independent provincial auditor has issued a warning that the government’s central books cannot be trusted – and the NDP is calling for the resignation of the finance minister as a result.

For the first time ever in Canada, the independent provincial auditor filed an adverse audit opinion on the government’s central financial statements. The very serious move from the auditor is unprecedented in Canada. The provincial auditor’s adverse audit opinion states that this government's 2013 general revenue fund statements are "full of errors" and "not reliable."

"It's shocking to have the provincial auditor warn taxpayers that this government's books can't be trusted," said NDP Leader Cam Broten. "If the books can’t be trusted, neither can the finance minister manipulating them. It’s time for the premier to ask for that minister's resignation."

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