Report shows P3 bypass fiasco costs more

Sask. Party claims $476.9 million in avoided “risk” to justify spending more

The government’s own numbers show that a traditional construction model would cost $200 million less than the Sask. Party’s European P3 rent-a-road scheme.

And, in a biased attempt to hide the fact that the Regina bypass is a boondoggle, the Sask. Party is peddling a value for money report that includes $476.9 million in “retained risk” calculations that have been found to be bogus in other jurisdictions.

“The only one getting a good deal on this project is the corporation from Europe that will rake in billions of Saskatchewan dollars,” said NDP deputy leader Trent Wotherspoon. “I’d remind the Sask. Party that the money they’re playing with belongs to Saskatchewan families.”

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Power generation goal weak, already watered down

The NDP is disappointed with the Sask. Party government’s weak approach to renewable power – setting a ceiling instead of a minimum goal for generating power from greener sources.

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Surgical waits grow due to Sask. Party budget cuts

The number of patients waiting more than three months for surgery has jumped 73 per cent across Saskatchewan since March, when the Sask. Party government cut the surgical budget.

That is another 20 per cent increase over last month's numbers.

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Sask. party votes against NDP seniors care bill

The Sask. Party government voted against Bill 609, The Residents in Care Bill of Rights Act, which would have required the government to establish minimum quality of care standards for seniors care homes throughout the province.

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U.S. Senate overturns environmental law, Sask. blamed

The United States Senate has voted to overturn Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rules on power plant emissions, and the Sask. Party and its carbon capture boondoggle have been blamed.

“The EPA asserted in the final rule that the Boundary Dam facility has been operating full carbon capture sequestration successfully at a commercial scale since October 2014. Mr. President, that is found to be totally untrue,” Senator Joe Manchin III told the United States Senate on Tuesday during debate on the Senate resolution.

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