Voters, taxpayers need finances revealed now

The Sask. Party refuses to get back into the legislature to face tough questions, but the NDP isn't giving up the fight for a full budget update released with enough time for the auditor and legislature to examine it before the election.

"Brad Wall doesn’t want Saskatchewan people to know the truth about the state of the finances, the cuts he’s making and the deals he’s signing," said NDP deputy leader Trent Wotherspoon. "He rode the wave in good times, and we can't trust him to put families and our priorities first in tight times. That means people are anxious that even deeper cuts in health care and education will come after the election. And they're getting angry that the Sask. Party continues to waste so much money on the Lean program, the entitlements like Mr. Wall's travel scouts, and massive increases in the use of private consultants."

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Wall has a lot of answering to do: Broten

NDP Leader Cam Broten is ramping up the pressure on Brad Wall to come clean about the questionable land deal he signed, in which he paid two businessmen $103,000 per acre for land worth just a fraction of that. 

Other landowners in the area were paid between $11,000 and $23,000 per acre, and were threatened with expropriation.

Since Wall has refused to respond to Broten's request to recall the legislature to deal with the land scandal and other pressing matters, Broten is now calling for the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly to intervene in order to ensure the Sask. Party government faces proper scrutiny. 

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Sask. Party withholding carbon capture facts

Despite prodding from NDP SaskPower critic Cathy Sproule, the Sask. Party is still withholding documents and details regarding the carbon capture boondoggle promised six weeks ago – documents Sproule says the public needs to see now.

When a committee of the legislature was convened Jan. 5 to get to the bottom of the Sask. Party’s sputtering carbon capture experiment and the lies told by the Sask. Party about it, Brad Wall’s cabinet minister Bill Boyd couldn’t or wouldn’t answer question after question. Instead, he said he would send responses and documents later.

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Broten condemns Wall's cuts to homeless-shelter funding

NDP Leader says cuts will cost more

To deal with their massive deficit, the Sask. Party is slashing supports for vulnerable people – a decision NDP Leader Cam Broten says is disgusting, shortsighted and will cost more overall.

“We’ve had a decade of boom, but Mr. Wall didn’t save a dime, and has spent us into deficit. Now, instead of cutting his own waste, he’s cutting funding for homeless shelters. Mr. Wall might call that keeping Saskatchewan strong, but I call it wrong,” said Broten. “No wonder he’s refused to get back into the legislature, to discuss his deficit, cuts and budget plans. He doesn’t want Saskatchewan people to see how messed up his priorities are – cutting funding for homeless shelters, hospitals and schools, but keeping his entitlements and waste.”

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Broten demands Wall recall legislature to face tough questions on land deal

With people who were lowballed for land purchased for the Global Transportation Hub (GTH) now speaking out, NDP Leader Cam Broten says Brad Wall and his cabinet need to get back to the legislature and explain why they treated the owners of one stretch of land so differently.

“We’ve yet to hear any explanation at all from Mr. Wall for why the two businessmen who owned one parcel of land were paid a colossal price, while every other land owner was threatened with expropriation and given a much lower price,” said Broten. “If there is any justification whatsoever for handing over $21 million of taxpayers' money for a piece of land worth just a fraction of that – let’s hear it.

“Let’s get back into the legislature, debate this controversial land deal, and hear Mr. Wall explain why his signature is on that order.”

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