Families forced to fill gaps in gov’t health care, seniors care

Families are having to take care of the most basic needs for their loved ones in hospitals and seniors care homes – filling gaps left by the government’s short-staffing.

The issue of families providing basic care for their loved ones in hospitals and seniors care homes was dominant this week at the legislature as NDP Leader Cam Broten brought yet another shocking case to light in an effort to cause the government to address the problem.

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Bullying report light on action, light on details

The NDP is disappointed that the government’s bullying report has few details and little action described.

“The long wait for this report came with hope that Saskatchewan’s young people would see action to address bullying immediately,” said David Forbes, NDP critic for diversity, equality and human rights. “This government took far too much time to come back with far too little to protect kids and stop bullying.”

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NDP to amend motion, support European trade deal in principle

NDP Leader Cam Broten and the Opposition support in principle a tentative trade deal between the European Union and Canada, and will amend a government motion being debated Wednesday to add due diligence in promotion of Saskatchewan’s interests.

"Saskatchewan people and businesses produce world-class products, including some of the best agricultural exports. The NDP is a strong supporter of expanding and diversifying Canada’s trade relationships with the European Union and it’s good for us to seek to open up new markets for what Saskatchewan is selling,” said Broten, who added that his support takes into account the European Union’s democratic nations’ high environmental and labour standards.

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Trouble in education dominates week at legislature

The government cut educational assistants, announced an old-fashioned standardized testing regime and plans to have private consortiums operate schools. These are among the education changes the government has made without listening to teachers or parents.

The NDP put a spotlight on education during the week at the legislature, with NDP Leader Cam Broten continuing to make pre-K to Grade 12 education a top priority.

“Parents and teachers are working harder than ever to give our kids the best education and opportunity for every child to get ahead,” said Broten. “But, this government isn’t doing its part to support education. Instead, it’s throwing wrenches into classrooms like standardized testing, P3 privately-operated schools and moving away from having educational assistants help our kids.

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Broten, NDP support motion to abolish Senate

On Wednesday, the NDP will unanimously vote in favour of abolishing the Senate, and will also vote to repeal the government’s pro-Senate election Act.

The NDP has been pushing to abolish the unnecessary, unelected and unaccountable Senate for decades.

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