Ontario auditor says P3s cost an extra $8 billion

A report from Ontario’s auditor released Tuesday shows that 75 P3 projects will cost taxpayers in that province an additional $8 billion.

“It is time for the government to listen to the mounting evidence from other jurisdictions on P3s,” said NDP Deputy Leader Trent Wotherspoon. “Especially when it comes to our kids’ schools, it’s time for this government to walk away from its expensive P3 rent-a-school scheme.”

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Government ignoring the north isn’t good for Saskatchewan

NDP backs several Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce report recommendations

The NDP agrees with several of the recommendations made by the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce this week, which says the government’s strategy for development in the north is lacking, as is its understanding of the region.

The report from the Chamber’s Northern Business Task Force calls on the government to provide meaningful investment in northern roads; do more to connect people to career and training opportunities; and provide education for northern children comparable to education in the rest of the province.

The Chamber of Commerce also calls on the premier and cabinet ministers to actually visit the far north, which it says the premier hasn’t done since being elected in 2007.

“This government entirely dismisses the north – its economic potential, its industry contributions and the major challenges northern families are facing,” said Doyle Vermette, the NDP critic for Northern Saskatchewan.

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Focus on what matters will continue for Broten’s NDP

Session is over, but NDP won’t stop pushing for action on seniors care, Lean and smart meters

The fall session of the Legislature ends Monday, but the NDP says the focus on the seniors care crisis, the government’s hugely wasteful Lean pet project and the smart meter fiasco that will cost ratepayers millions is far from over.

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Health and Social Services jobs down by 1,700

The Opposition has been concerned about a trend of cuts in health care and social services jobs, and is disappointed to see another 1,700 jobs in those sectors lost according to Friday’s Statistics Canada Labour Force Survey.

There were also 1,200 jobs lost in the education sector, compared to one year ago.

“Health care workers, case workers for vulnerable children, education sector workers – cutting these jobs as our province grows makes no sense at all,” said NDP Health critic Danielle Chartier.

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Smart meter money “won’t be recoverable” says SaskPower

Under questioning from the NDP, SaskPower’s Chief Financial Officer revealed Monday night that if the government doesn’t install Sensus smart meters on Saskatchewan homes again, it will lose $18 million of Saskatchewan families’ money.

“The deeper we dig on the smart meter settlement this government came to with Sensus, the more it appears to be a horrible deal for Saskatchewan people,” said Cathy Sproule, NDP critic for SaskPower.

“Sensus caused fires on Saskatchewan homes, and put over 100,000 families and homes at risk, But, this government has given them a gift of $5 million, and now another $18 million that is, according to SaskPower’s Chief Financial Officer, not going to be recovered.”

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