What they’re saying about the budget

The Sask. Party presented their budget yesterday and on nearly every page, there was a broken Sask. Party promise, a tax hike on the middle class, or a mean-spirited cut that hurts Saskatchewan families.

Here is a sample of what others are saying about this budget: 

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Sask. Party makes Saskatchewan families pay the price for record debt

Sask. Party budget breaks promises, hurts families, and cuts opportunities

With a projected debt of over $18 billion – double Saskatchewan’s total debt in 2013 – more cuts to the province’s most vulnerable and no investments to build for the future, the Sask. Party’s latest budget makes it clear that, after a decade in government, they have learned nothing about supporting Saskatchewan people, managing through difficult times, or working together to build for the future. 

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NDP continue to push bill to get big money out of Saskatchewan politics

Today, NDP Leader Trent Wotherspoon gave second reading to the bill he introduced in the Legislature that, if passed, finally change Saskatchewan’s outdated and broken campaign finance laws.

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NDP table bill to help those escaping domestic violence

Saskatchewan continues to hold the dubious distinction of the province with the highest rate of domestic violence in Canada. Today, the Saskatchewan NDP tabled a bill that, if passed into law, would provide clear supports to those seeking to escape these abusive relationships. 

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It’s time to get big money out of Saskatchewan politics: NDP

With the British Columbia Premier Christy Clark committing to the creation of a non-partisan committee to review the province’s campaign finance laws, the Saskatchewan NDP is once again pushing the Sask. Party to get big money out of Saskatchewan politics. 

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