Sask. Party cuts, tax hikes and sell-offs hurting seniors

As we mark National Seniors Day, Saskatchewan seniors and their families are asking why the Sask. Party have been targeting them by cutting supports, hiking rents in long term care, and selling off public seniors’ housing. 

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Sarauer announces changes to NDP shadow cabinet

Following the election of Vicki Mowat in the Saskatoon Fairview byelection and in the midst of the NDP leadership race, Leader of the Official Opposition Nicole Sarauer announced some changes to the NDP caucus’ critic portfolios.

“We’re a bigger and stronger team than we were before and we’re as focussed as ever on holding the Sask. Party to account and fighting their heartless cuts, unfair tax hikes, and desperate sell-offs,” Sarauer said. “This team will keep fighting for and standing with the Saskatchewan families and businesses that have been forced to pay the price for Sask. Party mismanagement, scandal, and waste.” 

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Sask. Party’s failure on mental health continues to hurt families

Sask. Party must make good on promise to fund mental health emergency unit: NDP

Despite funding from the federal government and a private donor, the Sask. Party’s continued refusal to move ahead with plans for a mental health emergency unit in Saskatoon is leaving patients without the care they desperately need and putting pressure on emergency rooms.

“The Sask. Party’s refusal to staff the otherwise funded mental health emergency unit is needlessly putting more pressure on our hospitals and emergency rooms and leaving vulnerable people at risk,” said NDP Health Critic Danielle Chartier. “The Sask. Party’s own mental health report recommended this facility but they’re blocking progress on the unit and refusing to act on just about every other recommendation.”

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Documents prove Sask. Party spin on SaskTel was untrue

Despite claiming to know nothing about plans to sell off SaskTel, it is now clear that the Sask. Party know more than they are letting on.

In a late August scrum, the Premier said, “there is no particular proposal on the table, as far as I know.” However, a freedom of information request filed by the NDP shows that between May and mid-August there are hundreds of pages of correspondence related to offers and purchases of SaskTel. 

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Sask. Party failure clear with safety concerns at $2 billion bypass

Despite the Sask. Party’s repeated claims that they studied the Regina Bypass to death, the $2 billion-dollar project they handed to a foreign conglomerate has already caused problems for transport truck drivers and producers. Now, important safety concerns are being raised.

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Sask. Party must stop blocking key GTH scandal witness

With a committee finally set to meet tomorrow to review the scandal plagued and disastrous finances of the GTH, the NDP is calling on the Sask. Party to use the opportunity to finally ensure openness and transparency into the Sask. Party GTH scandal.

“Lately, despite being silent while they sat in Cabinet, Sask. Party leadership hopefuls have been falling over each other to call for transparency in the Sask. Party GTH scandal,” said NDP GTH Critic Cathy Sproule. “Bit by bit, details of the Sask. Party GTH scandal is seeping out and, one by one, the key players are quitting their jobs. If the Sask. Party is serious about finally wanting to let the truth come out, they will join us in calling for one of the key architects of the land deals at the heart of the Sask. Party GTH scandal to be accountable to committee. He is still paid to serve the people of Saskatchewan and we all deserve to hear what he knows.”

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