Sask. Party hurting families and costing Saskatchewan jobs

Saskatchewan women hit hardest with 28 per cent more forced to turn to EI this year

Numbers released today show, while other provinces saw more people finding jobs last year, Saskatchewan had the second highest growth in the number of people needing to rely on Employment Insurance. While there were three per cent more Saskatchewan people forced onto EI this year, across the country, there was an eight per cent decrease and, in Alberta, the drop was 25 per cent.

“Nobody wants to go onto EI but, month after month, we’re seeing the number of jobs in Saskatchewan go down and more and more families are finding it harder and harder to make ends meet,” said NDP Jobs Critic Vicki Mowat. “Across the country and even right next door, the number of people who need EI is going down, so there’s no excuse for the Sask. Party to be failing Saskatchewan workers so badly. It’s clear the Sask. Party is not working for the people of Saskatchewan.”

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Statement by the Official Opposition Health Critic Danielle Chartier on the government’s announcement regarding mental health care

“New Democrats have long called for the Sask. Party to take the necessary action to address the challenges that countless families face when it comes to getting proper mental health supports for their loved ones. 

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Sask. Party bypass is costing jobs and hurting communities

Despite a growing number of complaints by affected Saskatchewan communities, truck drivers, producers, and small businesses, the Sask. Party is refusing to address any of the concerns being raised about their $2 billion ballooning and failing Regina bypass project. 

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Statement from NDP Leader Nicole Sarauer

Today, Saskatchewan NDP Leader Nicole Sarauer made the following statement:

 “Our province, our movement and our party must be a safe and respectful space for everyone to participate in and contribute to.

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Sask. Party cuts costing Saskatchewan people jobs

Saskatchewan one of only two provinces with fewer jobs this year than last

Saskatchewan once again fell behind nearly all of Canada as one of only two provinces to have fewer jobs last month than the same time last year. The latest labour force statistics showed that 1,400 fewer people were able to find work in September 2017 than a year earlier.

“While other provinces are growing, the Sask. Party’s approach of heartless cuts and unfair tax hikes is holding the province back from the economic growth we need,” said NDP Jobs Critic Vicki Mowat. “When Saskatchewan is one of two provinces that saw their employment rates drop over the last year, it’s not hard to see that the Sask. Party is not working for the people of the province.” 

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Statement from the Leader of the Official Opposition, Nicole Sarauer, on the decision from TransCanada to not proceed with Energy East

As the Official Opposition, we are disappointed to learn of TransCanada’s decision to terminate their Energy East and Eastern Mainline pipelines. 

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