NDP calls for physician retention to be the priority

Specialist doctors quitting over government’s attempt to change a contract’s structure

The NDP is furious that Health Minister Dustin Duncan says he won’t do a thing about fleeing radiologists, prioritizing a plan to change the structure of their contract over physician retention and patient care. 

The radiologists are leaving due to the Sask. Party’s move to stop a Regina radiology group from renewing their contract as a group. The move has led to highly skilled radiology specialists leaving the province, including Regina’s only radiologists doing cardiac MRIs, and including six radiologists under the age of 40. 

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Mid-year funding for schools desperately needed: NDP

English as an Additional Language program funding cut this year

The NDP says it wants a mid-year funding adjustment for schools immediately, including resources for English as an Additional Language (EAL) programs.

That call comes as the director of education for the Regina Public School Board pointed to upwards of 900 new EAL students entering classrooms, including 165 refugee students from Syria; but still only 38 EAL teachers for the whole division.

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Implementation of Lean in Health Care a Mess: New Report

The Sask. Party's Lean project is “stifling,” “disempowering,” and not making real improvements to health care, according to a new report prepared by researchers at the University of Saskatchewan.

The report, released Tuesday, shows that researchers heard frustration from frontline health care workers about the piles of resources poured into Lean, to simply achieve “grade five...common sense stuff.” When patients were interviewed for this study, the only changes they could identify over the last two years were negative, noting that the quality of care has declined.

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Federal money should help people, not oil companies: NDP

With health care wait times sky rocketing, classrooms overcrowded and crumbling, and the province running a massive deficit, Saskatchewan families are outraged at Brad Wall’s request that federal help go straight to oil companies.

Wall announced Monday that he has asked for more than $150 million from the federal government to pay oil companies to clean up wells they’re not using. Oil companies are actually required by law to clean up their own wells – and most do so, as part of their business plan and operating expenses. But Wall says many of these companies should get a bailout from the federal government to clean up their wells right now.

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Convene Public Accounts Committee and recall legislature: NDP

The NDP has called a Public Accounts Committee meeting for Wednesday to deal with the premier's controversial land purchase, and is repeating its demand that the premier call the legislature back to deal with the financial mess the Sask. Party is trying to hide.

The NDP has called the committee meeting to give the independent Provincial Auditor a full mandate to investigate the Sask. Party’s troubling land purchase for the Global Transportation Hub (GTH). Rather than Brad Wall’s weak request to simply check the purchase process, NDP deputy leader Trent Wotherspoon said the auditor needs a robust mandate to look into whether Brad Wall and cabinet misused public funds, made appropriate decisions, and acted in the best interests of taxpayers. Importantly, a request to provide a progress report before the April 4 election must be part of the Auditor’s mandate, so voters have as much information as possible before heading to the polls.

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