Use the soundstage as a soundstage, revive film credit: NDP

The Sask. Party says it wants to find another use for Saskatchewan’s soundstage, and NDP Culture critic Cathy Sproule says that’s proof-positive that Saskatchewan needs to bring the film tax credit back.

“We have a world-class, state of the art, purpose-built $12 million soundstage right here in Regina,” said Sproule. “Just a few years ago, it was full. The film industry was booming, even developing programs to train more people to work in film in response to the sheer volume of movies being shot there.

“It was a $65 million per year industry for our province. And it’s all but gone. It’s time to bring back the program we know works.”

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Government ignoring care problems at Providence Place

Resident care problems at Providence Place have become so serious that one family moved their loved one out, while others say soaring temperatures and understaffing are still putting their loved ones at risk in the care home.
“Families are telling me that basic needs are going unmet at Providence Place,” said NDP Leader Cam Broten in Moose Jaw on Wednesday. “That’s absolutely unacceptable. We can afford to do better in Saskatchewan – but the government has to stop dismissing these concerns. While the Sask. Party takes a head-in-the-sand approach on seniors care and long-term care, people are being put at risk.”
Kim White moved her grandmother, Doreen Wolfe, out of the care home at the end of July, taking a leave of absence from her job to take her grandmother into her own home. The lack of staff and lack of care standards were dangerous at Providence Place, says White.
Wolfe moved into Providence Place, a Moose Jaw long-term care home, in February. Within a week of moving in, the 77-year-old had a broken hip and soon after a six-inch bedsore stretched across her lower back.

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NDP wants seniors housing repaired, bedbugs eliminated

The NDP is calling on the government to repair the run-down social and seniors housing it owns and properly get rid of the bedbugs.

“Families are approaching the Opposition to describe horrible bedbug infestations in seniors housing, and a real struggle getting the government to properly treat the problem,” said NDP Housing critic David Forbes. “It’s not acceptable for the government to become a shoddy landlord. Most importantly, it puts seniors’ health at risk, and by letting provincial assets become run down it also costs taxpayers much more in the long run.”

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11,600 full-time jobs lost, unemployment rate climbs

Saskatchewan has lost 11,600 full-time jobs in just one year, driving unemployment up to 5.4 per cent, the largest year-over-year increase among the provinces.

That’s according to the latest report from Statistics Canada, released Friday. It shows that despite low oil prices, Alberta created 25,100 full-time jobs and Manitoba added 7,500 full-time jobs while Saskatchewan moved in the opposite direction.

“It’s not enough for the Sask. Party to stick its head in the sand and claim everything is fine,” said NDP deputy leader Trent Wotherspoon. “There are thousands of workers who have been forced to replace a great full-time job with a lower-paying part-time job, and there are thousands of families finding it tougher to make ends meet while the cost of living goes up, and their wages don’t keep up.

“This province has been missing the opportunity to strengthen our manufacturing sector, and build a powerful innovation and technology sector. And, it’s been contracting out jobs to other provinces and countries again and again. That has got to stop.”

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Saskatchewan jobs contracted out to European company

Pushing ahead with another contract that doesn’t benefit Saskatchewan, the Sask. Party has chosen a company from the United Kingdom to supply food services in eight provincial correctional centres.

The Sask. Party is eliminating 62 jobs, and shipping taxpayer dollars directly out of the province. It announced Wednesday a multi-million dollar contract has been given to Compass Group.

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