Sask. Party budget failures hurt Saskatchewan families

In Saskatoon, 20 per cent more people are forced to rely on EI than this time last year

As the Sask. Party government’s focus turns to their party’s leadership race, another minister rushed out an unprepared announcement today. This time, it was the first quarter financial update and it is clear that it was written to serve the Sask. Party more than Saskatchewan people.

“You don’t need to be a financial expert to know they should not be bragging about blowing through half of the budgeted contingency fund in the first quarter of the year,” said NDP Leader Nicole Sarauer. “The Sask. Party’s attempts to spin the facts would be laughable if the consequences weren’t hurting Saskatchewan families so deeply.” 

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NDP call on RCMP to investigate more potential Sask. Party wrongdoing

In the wake of media reports of even more allegations of scandal and possible criminal wrongdoing by Bill Boyd and Sask. Party officials the NDP is calling on the RCMP and Canada Border Services Agency to investigate. 

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Health care back down highlights Sask. Party mismanagement

The decision announced by the Sask. Party today to back down on their funding cuts to community-based organizations in health care is another example of how little consideration the Sask. Party gave to the consequences of all of their heartless cuts.

“The fact that the Sask. Party even considered blindly cutting this crucial funding without even thinking about the consequences shows how out of touch they are and how little they are thinking about the needs of Saskatchewan people,” NDP Health Critic Danielle Chartier said. “They blew through record revenues with their mismanagement, scandal and waste, and instead of accepting responsibility and working to fix their problems, they jumped to heartless cuts, unfair tax hikes, and desperate sell-offs.”

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Statement by the Leader of the Official Opposition Nicole Sarauer on the resignation of Brad Wall as Premier of Saskatchewan and Member of the Legislative Assembly for Swift Current

Leader of the Official Opposition Nicole Sarauer released the following statement about the resignation of Brad Wall as Premier of Saskatchewan and Member of the Legislative Assembly for Swift Current.

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The Sask. Party are hurting Saskatchewan seniors where they live

The Sask. Party have broken their promise to seniors and, instead of making life more affordable, they've cut supports, hiked the rents in long-term care, and are desperately selling off public seniors' homes.

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