Sask. Party hiding its track record on pipeline inspections

In a response to an NDP Freedom of Information request, the Sask. Party has flat-out refused to share the results from on-site tests and inspections of Husky pipelines since 2011.

“What does an on-site inspection of a pipeline near Swift Current in 2012 have to do with a pipeline leak near Maidstone in 2016?” asked NDP Leader Trent Wotherspoon. “What is the Sask. Party hiding? What possible justification could they have, especially in light of the recent oil leak, for rejecting transparency and dodging its responsibility to be open and upfront with the public on the fundamentals like protecting our drinking water and demonstrating the integrity of Saskatchewan pipelines?”

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New Democrats raise concerns about PotashCorp and Agrium merger

In reaction to the proposed merger between PotashCorp and Agrium, New Democrats are raising concerns about the loss of Saskatchewan jobs, the loss of Saskatchewan influence over our natural resource, and increased costs to Saskatchewan producers and, eventually, all Saskatchewan people - as consumers. Especially during a time when the province’s economy is struggling and thousands of jobs are being lost in the province, New Democrats are calling on the provincial government to finally work to protect Saskatchewan jobs rather than stand back while control over another vital piece of Saskatchewan’s economy is given away.

“If this merger goes through, it could have a profound negative effect on producers and workers throughout the province, as well as the province’s economy in its entirety,” said NDP Leader Trent Wotherspoon. “Even with a registration of the head office in Saskatchewan, there’s no ironclad guarantee protecting the jobs, the revenues, and the influence of our resource.” 

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Sask. Party cuts target programs and services for seniors

As the consequences of the Sask. Party’s near decade of wasting the economic boom continue to roll out in the form of cold-hearted cuts to the province’s most vulnerable, the seniors served by Saskatoon Council on Aging learned today that they are the most recent to be forced to pay for the Sask. Party’s waste and mismanagement. 

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Saskatchewan’s drinking water needs more than a one-off announcement

New Democrats slammed the Sask. Party’s latest attempt to paper over their own failures on pipelines as too little to protect Saskatchewan’s drinking water and too late to do anything about the concerns that already exist following leak in the North Saskatchewan River.

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While the Sask. Party spins, Saskatchewan unemployment continues to rise

Close to 10,000 more people in Saskatchewan were out of work and looking for a job last month than were a year ago. Statistics Canada and the Saskatchewan Labour Force Survey released their latest numbers today and it is clear that the Sask. Party’s continued mismanagement of the economy is costing working people their jobs.

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Sask. Party mismanagement and underfunding leads to healthcare cuts

After nearly a decade of the Sask. Party blowing through surpluses, the Rainy Day Fund, and record resource revenue, the last several months have been marred by example after example of ways the government is forcing Saskatchewan people to pay for Sask. Party mismanagement. The latest came yesterday when the Saskatoon Health Region announced they will be forced to lay-off frontline healthcare staff and still be left with a $30 million deficit.

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