More proof Lean savings are meagre

Heartland Health Region saved $12,690 on multi-million-dollar Lean pet project

The government’s Lean pet project is again showing that it isn’t saving any money while it makes health care worse, according to a fourth region now reporting meagre savings on the pricey program.

Documents obtained through access to information laws show that Heartland Health Region reports saving only $12,690 through John Black’s Lean program.

That amount joins the $26,648 the Cypress Health Region reporting saving as a result of John Black's version of Lean; the $17,465 in savings reported by Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region; and the $131.26 saved in the Prince Albert Parkland Health Region. John Black Lean is in its fourth year in Saskatchewan.

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Time for the premier to acknowledge crisis in seniors care and start fixing it: Broten

NDP Leader Cam Broten says seniors and their families can’t afford to wait for action to relieve the seniors care crisis.

Broten is continuing to pressure the premier to recognize that there is a widespread seniors care crisis in Saskatchewan, and seniors and their families need meaningful action to address the crisis. He says the facts that continue to mount should have been a wake-up call for the premier much earlier.

During the fall session of the legislative assembly, family members came forward to share the stories of Margaret Warholm, Jessie Sellwood, Lorne Rowell and Fern Chingos, all of whom died prematurely because of neglect and substandard care in care facilities. Family members of Emily Krushelnicki, Art Healey and Margaret Froess also brought forward their serious concerns about the substandard quality of care their loved ones are receiving in care facilities.

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Statement from Cam Broten regarding alleged abuse and neglect of a resident at Santa Maria

Seniors in care facilities deserve high quality care, as well as dignity and respect. I have absolutely no tolerance for any abuse of seniors in care facilities, and I do not accept any excuses aimed at justifying abuse.

I do not believe that physical assault of a resident by a staff person is common. When it happens, as is now alleged at Santa Maria Senior Citizens Home in Regina, there should be clear consequences, up to and including prosecution on criminal charges.

The vast majority of front-line nurses and care aides are compassionate, professional and genuinely care about the residents and patients they serve. Nearly all health care workers strive to provide the best care they can.

But it is important for this government to recognize that, while instances of physical abuse are isolated, other very serious problems are widespread throughout our care facilities. Short staffing is a significant problem, and the quality of care in facilities throughout our province could and should be so much better.

We continue to call on the government to improve staffing levels, to bring back regulated, minimum care standards, to ensure appropriate accountability based on those regulated standards, and to establish a seniors advocate office to work with families in a proactive capacity, preventing tragedies before they happen, and helping seniors and their families navigate the system. 

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Ontario auditor says P3s cost an extra $8 billion

A report from Ontario’s auditor released Tuesday shows that 75 P3 projects will cost taxpayers in that province an additional $8 billion.

“It is time for the government to listen to the mounting evidence from other jurisdictions on P3s,” said NDP Deputy Leader Trent Wotherspoon. “Especially when it comes to our kids’ schools, it’s time for this government to walk away from its expensive P3 rent-a-school scheme.”

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Government ignoring the north isn’t good for Saskatchewan

NDP backs several Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce report recommendations

The NDP agrees with several of the recommendations made by the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce this week, which says the government’s strategy for development in the north is lacking, as is its understanding of the region.

The report from the Chamber’s Northern Business Task Force calls on the government to provide meaningful investment in northern roads; do more to connect people to career and training opportunities; and provide education for northern children comparable to education in the rest of the province.

The Chamber of Commerce also calls on the premier and cabinet ministers to actually visit the far north, which it says the premier hasn’t done since being elected in 2007.

“This government entirely dismisses the north – its economic potential, its industry contributions and the major challenges northern families are facing,” said Doyle Vermette, the NDP critic for Northern Saskatchewan.

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