Child and Youth Advocate report shows Sask. Party failing our kids

This morning, the Child and Youth Advocate released their annual report outlining how in just four years, our province has lost one in every five foster families and that the Sask. Party has not only stalled in its commitment to child welfare, but is actually starting to move away from it. 

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Wotherspoon announces New Democrat shadow cabinet

Newly elected Leader of the Official Opposition Trent Wotherspoon announced the NDP shadow cabinet today, highlighting the diversity, experience, and energy of the new caucus and demonstrating that this team of NDP MLAs is ready to get to work for the people of Saskatchewan.  

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Wotherspoon elected Leader of the Official Opposition in the Legislative Assembly

Trent Wotherspoon, the MLA for Regina Rosemont, has been elected, by the NDP caucus and with unanimous support, the leader of the Official Opposition in the Legislative Assembly.

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Crowns raided, education cut – and the deficit is still $427 million

Sask. Party still refusing to tell families what they’ve cut, and what they’ll cut next

Brad Wall cut education by $51.3 million and raided Crown corporations for an extra quarter-billion dollars – and he’s still running a massive, $427-million deficit, and refusing to tell us what he’ll cut next.

“The Sask. Party let us down hugely during incredibly good times for our province, and it’s very obvious now that we can’t trust the Sask. Party during tight times,” said NDP Leader Cam Broten. “They drained the Rainy Day Fund during very sunny years by spending wildly on their misplaced priorities – so it took them no time at all to launch us into a massive deficit. It’s absolutely unbelievable that they’ve put the province into this situation – broke and cutting services. We shouldn’t be in this position, but they blew through billions and left us with little to show for it. 

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Sask. Party won’t address domestic violence until budget is fixed

Vague poverty report contains no action, no resources

Under pressure to release a poverty reduction strategy, the Sask. Party put out a brutally vague and weak document Wednesday that concluded they won’t deal with partner violence until “the Province’s fiscal capacity allows.”

Saskatchewan has the highest rate of intimate partner violence, as well as the highest rate of domestic violence deaths. By “fiscal capacity,” the Sask. Party is likely referring to its own deficit of hundreds of millions of dollars.

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