Meili hopes 60s Scoop apology comes with commitment to improved child welfare

This morning NDP Opposition Leader Ryan Meili issued the following statement, adding his caucus’ voice to the Government of Saskatchewan apology to those who suffered as a result of the Sixties Scoop:

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NDP calling for transparency around Sask. Party’s decision to privatize Crown services

Following the Sask. Party government’s decision to transfer gas and electrical inspections and permitting from SaskPower, gas and electrical licensing from the Ministry of Government Relations and plumbing inspections and permitting from the Saskatchewan Health Authority to the Technical Safety Authority of Saskatchewan, NDP SaskPower Critic Cathy Sproule has written a letter to the relevant Ministers raising several questions about the decision.

“For the sake of fairness and transparency,” said Sproule, “I believe the employees impacted by this decision as well as the people of the province deserve to know why the Sask. Party has decided to go down this route.”

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NDP calling on Sask. Party to properly rehabilitate inmates

The NDP is calling on the Sask. Party government to act on the 2008 and 2018 recommendations contained in the Provincial Auditor’s recent report regarding the proper rehabilitation of adult inmates.

“We know that the province’s high rate of recidivism in corrections puts a huge strain on resources as well as correctional facilities and staff,” said NDP Justice Critic Nicole Sarauer. “Government has a responsibility to ensure inmates the opportunity to rehabilitate so that we don’t see the same people reoffending again and again. The Provincial Auditor’s report released last week shows yet again that the Sask. Party is quite simply not living up to its responsibilities.”

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NDP calls for broader investigation into strange dealings in Pinehouse

The NDP is calling for more answers and an expanded investigation after MBC Radio revealed that Minister of Finance Donna Harpauer received free accommodations during two recreational trips to Northern Saskatchewan, paid for by the Northern Village of Pinehouse, and failed to disclose these gifts. The Minister responded yesterday that she had thought it was a “personal friend” who paid for the trips, and committed to reimbursing the village.  

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NDP Blames Sask. Party’s Carbon Capture Spending for SaskPower Failures

Preventative maintenance, inspections and planning have all suffered in recent years at SaskPower under Sask. Party management, the latest Auditor’s Report shows, and, with widespread power outages hitting the province this month, the NDP is calling for action to address the issue.

“The auditor’s report clearly shows that the Sask. Party has dropped the ball on the inspection, maintenance and record-keeping of SaskPower’s above-ground assets,” said NDP SaskPower Critic Cathy Sproule. “If SaskPower isn’t given the proper tools or funds to effectively serve the province, then we’re all left in the dark.”

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Meili’s Christmas Wish for Moe: Restore SAID program for seniors

After two seniors voiced their concern that they could end up on the street because they will stop receiving the Saskatchewan Assured Income for Disabilities (SAID) program when they turn 65, NDP Leader Ryan Meili renewed his party’s call for the government to restore senior eligibility for the program, and appealed to Premier Moe to do so before the holidays.

“No one deserves this for their 65th birthday,” Meili wrote on Facebook and Twitter. “Will Scott Moe recognize the damage his government's cuts have done and finally reverse them, or will he leave people like Cam and Anita Duff out in the cold?”

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