Saskatchewan crime rates rise while Sask. Party continues cuts

Saskatchewan’s crime rates are the highest of all Canadian provinces and they continue to rise. Instead of working to address this growing problem, the Sask. Party is cutting common-sense, cost-effective crime prevention programs. 

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Sask. Party welcomes children back to school with more cuts to classrooms

As children across the province get back to school, the Sask. Party is taking even more money away from their classrooms.

Education directors were recently informed that, though, additional Workers’ Compensation Board money will be distributed to employers across the province, school divisions will have the amount of their return cut from their provincial operating grants. 

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REALITY CHECK: On potash, Wall’s record speaks louder than words

Upon news of the possible merger between Potash Corp. and Agrium, Brad Wall assembled journalists to apparently say for the record that he is concerned about the potash industry and jobs. But, if you actually check the record, you’ll see that he and the Sask. Party have not actually protected either.


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Sask. Party must fix chronic understaffing in hospitals and health centres: NDP

As the Sask. Party continues to ignore the growing crisis in access to health care in rural Saskatchewan, nurses at the Davidson Health Centre are speaking out about low staffing levels that are leaving them feeling “desperate” and unable to properly do their jobs.

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Plagued by rough summer, Sask. Party shuffles cabinet but changes nothing

Since beginning this session, the government has been plagued by scandal and the real-life consequences Saskatchewan people are facing as a result of Sask. Party mismanagement but the negligence and lack of accountability in the Sask. Party cabinet have not been solved by today’s shuffle.

“Today, the Premier wasted an opportunity to demonstrate the change the Sask. Party has promised,” said NDP Leader Trent Wotherspoon. “A few titles have changed but the direction and tone that has seen the Sask. Party stumble from ethical scandal to ethical scandal and mismanaged crisis to mismanaged crisis has stayed the same.”

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Health regions waiting in the dark for health commissioner to be named

After touting the need for “transformational change” this spring, the Sask. Party government continues to create uncertainty for health regions, health care workers and communities by apparently reneging on its commitment to name a health commissioner to lead that change.


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