NDP welcomes Wolf Cop, says it proves film tax credit works

The NDP is again calling on the government to reactivate the film tax credit for all production in the province, following the recent news of the special arrangement allowing Wolf Cop to be filmed here with the help of the tax credit.

“We’re thrilled that Wolf Cop will be made in Saskatchewan, and want to see our film industry thrive once again,” said Cathy Sproule, NDP Culture critic. “Wolf Cop is proof that the film tax credit is critical when it comes to film production in Saskatchewan.”

Sproule said this one-off arrangement should be seen as an admission by the government that the tax credit works.

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NDP demands answers on school programs in limbo

The government must clarify which education programs are now suspended or may not return – and what that means for students and teachers.

Programs including the anti-bullying initiative and the task force for First Nations and Métis education, as well as countless other programs, are all on hold while the government figures out its priorities, according to a government official’s comments in the media.

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NDP submits minority report on Traffic Safety

Opposition MLAs Danielle Chartier and Doyle Vermette believe a life-saving measure was wrongly dismissed by the Traffic Safety Committee (TSC), and have submitted a report alongside the committee’s final recommendations.

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Broten shuffles NDP critic duties

Opposition Leader Cam Broten has shuffled the critic responsibilities of the NDP MLAs.

“I want to take every opportunity to build a strong, forward-looking Opposition” said Broten. “Matching MLAs’ critic duties with their strengths and the issues they’re passionate about will make us even stronger.”

Broten will keep the portfolios he took on when he was elected leader, including executive council, First Nations and Metis relations, intergovernmental affairs and immigration.

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Government’s First Quarter report doesn’t add up

The government’s First Quarter financial update is a manipulated, invalid report that doesn’t explain why debt is going up while the government is making cuts in a strong economy.

The government withholds all summary financial information in its report, showing only a sliver of the provincial books, called the General Revenue Fund (GRF). This is a practice the independent provincial auditor has called “wrong” and “misleading,” and the NDP has long called on the government to stop its tactic of using two sets of books.

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