NDP condemns plan to change seniors’ homes to government offices

The government designed the Moose Jaw hospital to be too small using the controversial John Black Lean program, and has a bloated health administration to house. As a result, rooms in the seniors residence in Moose Jaw are being left vacant, despite need, so they can be converted to office space when the new hospital opens.

A letter to seniors living at Pioneers Lodge in Moose Jaw from the Five Hills Health Region reads: “We have not been filling the suites because we are thinking about locating some health region staff in that space when we move to the new hospital in June or July next year.” The letter was signed by Bert Linklater, Five Hills Health Region senior vice president of operations, and obtained by the media.

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NDP says syrup is not a vegetable

A menu released by the Pioneer Village seniors care home shows that it’s counting syrup as a vegetable.

The menu for all meals served Christmas week was released by Pioneer Village Monday.

“It’s disappointing and disturbing that the government has been defending the food it’s serving seniors in care,” said NDP Leader Cam Broten. “Syrup is not a vegetable.

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NDP wants John Black Lean to leave with John Black

The government and its American Lean consultant cooked up more bizarre ways to waste health care dollars than just John Black’s $40 million cash cow contract – and the NDP wants every wasteful element of the government's Lean pet project to leave with Black.

“It’s not just the salesman who has to go – the toxic and wasteful version of Lean he sold to this government also has to go,” said NDP Leader Cam Broten.

The government revealed Monday that it will end the John Black contract in March 2015 instead of June 2015, but the government will carry on implementing John Black's version of Lean after the contract concludes.

Saskatchewan taxpayers will keep footing the bill for Lean specialists in hospitals and health facilities throughout the province, including at least $17 million per year for Kaizen Promotion Offices, and untold millions more for bizarre training to keep putting John Black Lean into practice.

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John Nilson to retire as an MLA at next provincial election

John Nilson – who has served as a cabinet minister, attorney general and leader of the Opposition – will retire as a Member of the Legislative Assembly at the next provincial election.

“John has been a strong and steady presence for the families of Regina Lakeview and the people of Saskatchewan, as well our team here at the Legislature,” said NDP Leader Cam Broten. “He has always brought to the job an abundance of common sense, a wealth of knowledge about issues as well as our province's people and history, an unwavering commitment to fairness for Saskatchewan families, and a passion for the arts, literature and poetry.

“John's contributions to Saskatchewan are many and I have no doubt that he will continue making important contributions to our province and the global community long after he retires as an MLA."

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Extra consultant job at Santa Maria not enough: NDP

Families of seniors in care facilities, staff and the NDP have raised very serious concerns about short-staffing on the front lines while administration and middle management becomes bloated, yet the government’s solution to the crisis at the Santa Maria Senior Citizens Home is simply to add a consultant and new oversight committee.

The creation of the consultant position and a committee was announced by the government Thursday in response to allegations last week that a resident had been physically assaulted by a staff member at the Regina care home. Santa Maria has also been plagued by concerns about short-staffing and resident neglect, as have most other care facilities throughout the province.

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