NDP repeats call for change to forest fire policy

It’s been six months since the NDP called for changes to the province's forest fire policy – and it wants the Sask. Party to stop ignoring concerns raised by northern leaders and residents, and make changes now to prepare for this year's forest fire season.

"For three years now, we've been calling for change to the "let it burn" policy. Northern leaders have been pushing for this, and the northern NDP MLAs have brought forward petition after petition. The Sask. Party continues to stubbornly dismiss all of that," said NDP Leader Cam Broten. "I thought last year's fire season would have been a wake-up call for Mr. Wall, but it's been six months since most of the evacuees returned home, and this government still hasn't had an independent review or announced any changes.

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List of people receiving EI grows fastest in Saskatchewan

The number of people receiving employment insurance benefits (EI) is rising faster than anywhere else in Canada – yet another wake-up call that says the Sask. Party should stop glossing over the economic challenges and start addressing them.

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Draconian cuts, tax hikes or deficit, says Sask. Party

Sask. Party won’t cut its waste, and won’t come clean on the books

Saskatchewan’s finance minister said Wednesday that “draconian cuts,” deficits or tax hikes are the only options to deal with the low price of oil – and they won’t tell us which option the Sask. Party’s going with until after the election.

“It’s ludicrous to think that hiding the finances and their choices with our money, is acceptable,” said NDP deputy leader Trent Wotherspoon. “And so is the bogus set of options Finance Minister Kevin Doherty laid out Wednesday.”

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Graduation rates stuck as government shorts school funding

During years of resource boom, the Sask. Party government failed to improve overall graduation rates one bit – and with the Sask. Party scrapping the mid-year funding deal for schools, the NDP says the challenge will get tougher.

In a Public Accounts Committee meeting at the legislature on Wednesday, officials revealed that Sask. Party promises to improve the province’s 74.8 per cent high school graduation rate has not been kept. In fact, overall graduation rates haven’t budged. 

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10,400 more unemployed and looking for work

There were 10,400 more people unemployed and looking for work in Saskatchewan compared to one year ago, driving the unemployment rate up.

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