U.S. Senate overturns environmental law, Sask. blamed

The United States Senate has voted to overturn Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rules on power plant emissions, and the Sask. Party and its carbon capture boondoggle have been blamed.

“The EPA asserted in the final rule that the Boundary Dam facility has been operating full carbon capture sequestration successfully at a commercial scale since October 2014. Mr. President, that is found to be totally untrue,” Senator Joe Manchin III told the United States Senate on Tuesday during debate on the Senate resolution.

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Health care executive salaries up 20%

Pay for executives in health care is up about 20 per cent just since 2012, with some regions up as much as 37 per cent or even 46 per cent.

Meanwhile, patients are being dealt cuts. The Sask. Party has cut the number of surgeries it will do this year, and staff hours throughout hospitals are being restricted.

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Carbon capture sham embarrassing Sask. worldwide

A United States senator who previously supported the Sask. Party’s $1.5 billion carbon capture project is now denouncing the Sask. Party's rhetoric on the project as hyperbole and spin – international fallout the NDP’s SaskPower critic said is likely to spread.

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Sask. Party avoiding transparency on deficit

The Sask. Party government is running a deficit of nearly $1 billion, but the Finance Minister refuses to tell Saskatchewan people how the government intends to get out of that budgetary hole.

The Sask. Party's deficit includes the nearly $300-million operating deficit it announced in August, plus the $700 million of borrowing it announced in the spring.

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Full-time work lost, unemployment up after Sask. Party inaction

During the resource boom, the Sask. Party sat back and rode the wave – and as a result, Saskatchewan people are facing higher unemployment and fewer full-time jobs while the cost of living is rising.

Statistics Canada reported Friday that Saskatchewan had lost 2,700 full-time jobs, replacing them with 3,300 part-time jobs, compared to a year earlier.

The unemployment rate in the province rose to 4.9 per cent, two per cent higher than a year ago. Adjusted for seasonality, that unemployment rate is now 5.6 per cent.

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