Health care memo raises privatization questions

According to an internal health care memo, more than a dozen core health care departments will undergo a “business case development.” With the Sask. Party’s privatization of health care laundry services earlier this week, the NDP wants to know how much of health care the Sask. Party could privatize.

“The people of Saskatchewan deserve to know how far the Sask. Party might push privatization in health care,” said John Nilson, NDP health critic. “A privatized system risks putting profits ahead of patients.”

The memo, sent jointly from the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region and Shared Services Saskatchewan (3sHealth), describes a three-year plan “for business case development, which will create the forum to bring people together to identify opportunities and develop the strategy to achieve them.” The memo notes that 3sHealth will use private consultants to help develop the business cases.

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NDP will introduce bill to repeal Sask. Party’s pro-Senate act

NDP Leader Cam Broten will introduce a bill to eliminate the Sask. Party’s pro-Senate act as soon as the Legislative Assembly resumes.

The Senate Nominee Election Act was passed by the Sask. Party government in 2009. Broten’s bill, a repeal act, will be put to all Saskatchewan MLAs in the fall.

"It’s time for each MLA to show leadership," said Broten. "I want to take every legal reference to the Senate off Saskatchewan’s books to clear the path for abolishing the unelected, unaccountable and scandal-plagued Senate."

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NDP puts seniors care on the agenda at the legislature

NDP Leader Cam Broten is leading a push for better seniors care in Saskatchewan – which he made a major focus during the spring session of the legislature.

Broten announced on the day he became NDP and Opposition leader that seniors care would be a top priority for the new NDP, prompting a flood of Saskatchewan people to come forward to share their family stories.

"What we heard from people like Carrie Klassen and Lynne Seaborne is that the quality of care seniors are receiving in care homes is unacceptable," said Broten. "The health, quality of life and dignity of our parents, our grandmas and grandpas, is too important to allow the Sask. Party to dismiss the concerns we all have. Saskatchewan people deserve more choices, more spaces and a much higher quality of care."

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NDP puts people ahead of politics during spring session

During the spring session of the legislature, the NDP consistently championed issues that matter to Saskatchewan families, the middle class and vulnerable people.

"We were able to win for Saskatchewan people this session because we stuck to the issues that matter to them," said NDP Leader Cam Broten, who prioritized education and seniors care along with government transparency immediately after being elected leader. "For us, this session was all about putting people ahead of politics."

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NDP puts education top of spring session agenda

The Sask. Party government doesn’t have a smart-growth plan to make pre-K-12 education sustainable as the province grows – and the consequences of that failure emerged during the spring session of the Legislature.

"The Sask. Party has underfunded schools and students," said David Forbes, NDP education critic. "There is no common sense in making cuts when there are more students in today’s schools."

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