NDP tables P3 transparency and accountability bill

Trent Wotherspoon, the NDP’s education and finance critic, has tabled a bill that aims to make public-private partnerships (P3s) transparent, accountable and subject to up-front independent value-for-taxpayers evaluations.

Bill 605, The Public-Private Partnership Transparency and Accountability Act, will require an independent accountability watchdog on each P3, and will prevent the government from using the P3 method for major capital projects if there are less than three bidders on the contract. The law would also require the full cost of the project – including the cost of credit – to be reported to taxpayers.

“There should be no public money spent without public accountability,” said Wotherspoon. “Secret deals are not in the best interest of taxpayers. This law will shine a light on P3s so legislators and Saskatchewan families will have all the facts.”

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Cam Broten and the NDP argue for health care turnaround

Understaffing is causing problems in hospitals and seniors care homes, and NDP Leader Cam Broten and the Opposition MLAs called for a solution during the first full week of the fall session of the legislative assembly.

“Listening to the heart-breaking stories of Saskatchewan families, it’s clear that this government is heading in the wrong direction when it comes to patient care and seniors care,” said Broten.

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Power rates up nearly 40 per cent since 2009

If a new rate hike at SaskPower is approved, power bills will end up being more than 38 per cent higher than 2009.

“With such a strong economy, it’s frustrating to families that the government’s Crowns have to turn to Saskatchewan people to pay more and more,” said Cathy Sproule, NDP critic for SaskPower.

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Disappointing Throne Speech for Saskatchewan families

The government’s Throne Speech has set a disappointing tone for the year: this government does not plan to hold up its end of the bargain when it comes to the things Saskatchewan families need.

“It really is a backward-looking Throne Speech,” said NDP Leader Cam Broten. “It points to the fact that Saskatchewan families have been working harder than ever over the past year, but doesn’t give people any indication that this government will hold up its end of the deal when it comes to fixing the things that matter like health care, seniors care and our kids’ education.”

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Schools needed today, P3 schools the wrong approach says NDP

Because P3 schools cost more, sacrifice control and building could be delayed by complex contract negotiations, the NDP is calling on the government to build the schools Saskatchewan needs publicly, and start today.
“Saskatchewan families need new schools today – let’s get those schools built cost-effectively and quickly by planning to finance, own and operate them ourselves,” said NDP education critic Trent Wotherspoon. “The economy is strong, and families are doing their part to grow our neighbourhoods. The government’s job is to operate schools. This government needs to get some shovels in the ground.

“Today’s announcement from the government correctly identified some of the communities that need education infrastructure; but this government is choosing the wrong approach and failing to provide a timeline. It hasn’t told parents, educators and students when they can expect some relief from today’s overcrowding and crumbling schools.”

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