While Alberta and Manitoba add full-time jobs, Saskatchewan sees drop in full-time employment

Saskatchewan lost 10,600 full-time jobs over the last year, with agriculture, resource development, construction and manufacturing among the sectors that experienced the biggest job losses.

That's according to the latest report from Statistics Canada, released Friday. It shows that Alberta added 46,300 full-time jobs and Manitoba added 7,100 full-time jobs over the same period that Saskatchewan saw a significant drop in full-time jobs.

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Statement from NDP Leader Cam Broten on the Syrian refugee crisis

I know all of us have been deeply moved by the images we've seen in recent days of young children who tragically died while fleeing war in Syria. And we can only imagine how many other horrors have happened, and continue to happen, away from the lens of a camera.

Given the massive scale of the Syrian refugee crisis, I am calling on the Government of Saskatchewan to partner with local non-governmental organizations (NGOs), mosques, churches and community groups to help settle as many Syrian refugee families as possible.

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NDP wants toxic Lean experiment kept out of classrooms

With the school year kicking off this week, Saskatchewan’s New Democrats want to ensure that the Sask. Party government’s costly Lean experiment is kept out of our province’s classrooms. 

“The start of school is always an exciting time, and we certainly hope it’s the beginning of a great year for students, teachers and education workers throughout our province,” said NDP deputy leader and education critic Trent Wotherspoon. “But we’re hearing a lot of concern and frustration about this government’s plan to impose their toxic Lean pet project on our education system. These kind of misplaced priorities and bad choices need to stop.

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Taxpayers spent at least $1.8 million for senior health administrators to become private Lean consultants

Government claimed there was a five-year return service arrangement, so Opposition wants training costs reimbursed

After Saskatchewan taxpayers paid for their Lean training, several senior health administrators have left our health care system and taken up lucrative consulting gigs. 

Former Saskatoon Health Region CEO Maura Davies and former Kaizen Promotion Office director Candice Bryden have joined the Sask. Party government's American Lean consulting firm, John Black and Associates. Former Saskatoon Health Region Chair Jim Rhode and former 3sHealth vice president Bonnie Blakley have established their own Lean consulting firm.

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New Democrats call for a guaranteed basic income pilot project

Pilot project was a top recommendation from expert advisory group

Saskatchewan's New Democrats want the government to pilot and evaluate a guaranteed basic income program and, if the results prove successful, they want the program introduced province-wide, as a key measure to tackle poverty and improve health, social and economic outcomes.

A basic income program, which can be delivered through a cash transfer model or a negative income tax, is a much simpler and more streamlined approach than current income security programs, and many experts argue it is also a much more effective approach at reducing poverty.

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