P3 maintenance price on North Battleford Hospital outrageous

The Sask. Party is contracting out maintenance of the Saskatchewan Hospital North Battleford to a United Kingdom-based conglomerate as part of its P3 rent-a-hospital scheme – and the price is outrageous.

Of the whopping $407 million price tag for the hospital, $185 is payment for the United Kingdom corporation to handle maintenance of the facility. That amounts to more than $6 million per year for maintenance on a brand new facility.

“In 2014, the entire Prairie North Health Region spent $3.1 million on repairs and maintenance on all hospitals and facilities combined,” said Danielle Chartier, NDP Health critic. “To shovel $185 million, which is more than $6 million every year, into a foreign corporation’s pockets for just one facility is mind-boggling. It's a new building that should be saving money when it comes to maintenance."

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NDP wants internal reports on seniors care released now

The NDP wants all reports released immediately from the seniors care home tours taken by the government's health region CEOs during the spring and summer.

The annual CEO tours were put in place in 2013 after Cam Broten and the NDP MLAs revealed a crisis of chronic low staffing levels and a lack of care standards in Saskatchewan seniors care facilities.

NDP Health critic Danielle Chartier said the reports from the most recent tours should be complete by now, and Saskatchewan people have a right to see the results.

“Seniors in care facilities should be treated with dignity and respect, but we know that far too many are not getting the care they deserve due to serious problems like chronic short staffing and the elimination of minimum care standards. We've even heard of numerous premature deaths of seniors like Margaret Warholm, Lois Rein and Elaine Chingos,” said Chartier. “We're hearing from families all over the province that fixing seniors care is a priority for them – and New Democrats share that priority. We’ll keep pushing the Sask. Party to take this seriously, and take urgent action, and that includes releasing their latest unedited internal reports.”

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Big drop in Saskatchewan manufacturing needs attention

Sask. Party contracting to foreign companies, still failing to act on NDP procurement policy

Manufacturing sales in Saskatchewan are down 13 per cent compared to a year ago. The NDP wants the Sask. Party’s bad procurement policy and heavy reliance on foreign corporations for Saskatchewan work to change quickly.

The manufacturing sales numbers were released Wednesday by Statistics Canada. Saskatchewan’s 13 per cent slide compared to one year earlier stacks up very poorly against a national average decline of 2.8 per cent.

“While Saskatchewan manufacturers are in lay-off mode, trucks from outside the province are still rolling into Saskatchewan with products that could be manufactured here,” said Trent Wotherspoon. “A corporation from France will build, operate and maintain the Regina bypass. A conglomerate from the United Kingdom has been awarded the contract for the Saskatchewan Hospital at North Battleford. The P3 schools will be built by a conglomerate from British Columbia and a corporation from Milwaukee will do all the maintenance on those schools for the next 30 years.

“Mr. Wall is simply wrong in his insistence that foreign conglomerates can build Saskatchewan better than Saskatchewan companies can.”

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New Democrats seek urgent meeting to avoid $2B bypass boondoggle

The Opposition wants a more efficient and affordable bypass plan along with immediate interim safety measures on Highway 1 East 

The NDP is calling for an urgent meeting with the Sask. Party government to talk about the NDP’s proposed Highway 1 safety plan and alternate Regina bypass routes.

“It’s time to cut out partisanship and talk solutions – both for the immediate safety of drivers on Highway 1 east of Regina, and to avoid a $2 billion boondoggle with a bypass in the wrong place,” said NDP deputy leader Trent Wotherspoon. 

The NDP’s proposed plan is to immediately put traffic lights up at key intersections on Highway 1 east of Regina; and to hire local firms to immediately begin construction on the planned overpasses for that stretch of highway, breaking them out of the bypass bundle that won’t be done until 2019. While this critical construction happens, the NDP wants a full review of potential bypass routes in order to choose the smartest, safest and most cost-efficient one.

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Saskatchewan university students pay more: StatsCan

Provincial budget cuts cause high tuition and crumbling campuses

Saskatchewan’s undergraduate university students pay the second-highest tuition in the country to make up for government underfunding of schools.

Numbers released by Statistics Canada on Wednesday show Saskatchewan’s undergraduate university students pay an average of $6,885 in tuition each year. In just four years, Saskatchewan’s undergraduate tuition has risen more than 20 per cent.

Alberta’s average tuition is more than $1,000 less than Saskatchewan’s, while Manitoba’s average is $3,000 cheaper.

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