REALITY CHECK: Sask. Party’s elimination of Gradworks program leaves young people out of work

On top of highlighting the value of our Crowns and the importance of stopping the Sask. Party’s schemes to sell them off, today’s release of the Crown Investment Corporation’s annual report was a clear reminder of the consequences of the Sask. Party’s short-sighted decision to gut the Gradworks program that created opportunities for young people. 

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Sask. Party must stop Crown fire sale and focus on GTH dumpster fire

CIC report shows value of Saskatchewan’s Crowns while Sask. Party GTH scandal continues to grow

Today’s release of the Crown Investment Corporation (CIC) annual report once again highlighted the incredible value of Saskatchewan’s Crown Corporations. Unfortunately, instead of supporting that value, the Sask. Party is stubbornly pushing ahead with their Crown sell-off schemes while they continue to defend and deny their growing scandal at the GTH.  


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REALITY CHECK: GTH taking a Mulligan? Report shows so little “progress” was made, 2015-16 “goals” are being reused this year.

One of the many, many, many (it’s shockingly bad!) problems found in this year’s GTH Annual report, is that they don’t even seem to be ashamed of their failures. 

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Sask. Party must stop their plans to sell off SGI: NDP

Sask. Party sell-off negotiations are a betrayal of their commitment and duty to Saskatchewan people

Despite providing affordable insurance and returning hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue back to Saskatchewan people and even though the Sask. Party promised in the last election that they would not sell off our Crown Corporations, the Sask. Party admitted today that they are continuing with “high-level” negotiations in an attempt to sell off SGI. 

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REALITY CHECK: SGI keeps rates low but Sask. Party hikes taxes

Today’s release of SGI’s Annual Report made it very clear that SGI is a valuable Crown Corporation that benefits its owners – all Saskatchewan people – with not only jobs and low rates but also excellent annual dividends. 

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