Sask. Party puts people last in financial struggle

Despite the strong economy the Sask. Party is making painful cuts, leaving some people and institutions in crisis.

This week at the legislature, NDP Leader Cam Broten and the NDP team shone a light on the affect of cuts and funding shortfalls the Sask. Party is stubbornly forcing onto seniors, vulnerable children and SIAST students and staff.

"The fact that the Sask. Party is struggling in such a strong economy is worrisome," said Broten. "The fact that Saskatchewan families are bearing the brunt of the Sask. Party's decisions is unacceptable."

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Saskatchewan makes history with Howard’s Law

MLAs on both sides of the aisle have voted unanimously to pass a groundbreaking asbestos registry law.

Howard’s Law was introduced by NDP Leader Cam Broten in the fall. It will create a mandatory registry of public buildings that contain asbestos and require that list to be available online – the first system of its kind in Canada.

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NDP demands better for students and seniors

NDP Leader Cam Broten has made seniors care and K-12 education his priorities – and he brought examples to the Legislature this week to explain how deep the need is for students and seniors.

Carrie Klassen was at the Legislature this week to explain what she has witnessed in the seniors care home in which her mother lives.

“The facts that she was able to give us are, very sadly, evidence of how the seniors care system is in crisis,” said Broten. “Our parents and our grandmas and grandpas deserve better.”

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NDP calls on Sask. Party to consider research, evidence

The NDP spent the legislative week calling on the Sask. Party to consider facts, consultation and research before pushing its agenda.

“The Sask. Party is stubborn,” said NDP Leader Cam Broten. “It has been pushing its agenda without listening, without research and without evidence.”

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Sask. Party tables a credit-card budget

The Sask. Party’s provincial budget cuts health care, fails students and schools and relies on short-sighted privatization schemes.

In health care, the Sask. Party’s budget features a $54 million shortfall for health regions and the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency, and no new long-term care facilities for seniors – only recycled announcements.

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