NDP will introduce bill to repeal Sask. Party’s pro-Senate act

NDP Leader Cam Broten will introduce a bill to eliminate the Sask. Party’s pro-Senate act as soon as the Legislative Assembly resumes.

The Senate Nominee Election Act was passed by the Sask. Party government in 2009. Broten’s bill, a repeal act, will be put to all Saskatchewan MLAs in the fall.

"It’s time for each MLA to show leadership," said Broten. "I want to take every legal reference to the Senate off Saskatchewan’s books to clear the path for abolishing the unelected, unaccountable and scandal-plagued Senate."

The NDP has a very clear and long-standing policy of support for scrapping the Senate. Broten said that the NDP has legislative tools available, including resolutions in the Legislative Assembly, to force the government to make their stance on the Senate clear for the rest of Canada. Debating abolishment at the most recent Sask. Party convention, MLAs Rob Norris and Wayne Elhard as well as Senator Pamela Wallin gave their vocal support for keeping the Senate.

"There is a divide in the Sask. Party, both within their membership and their caucus," said Broten. "It’s up to the premier to get his own house in order – but the Opposition doesn’t believe we should allow that to stall the process of modernizing Canada.

"The Senate is a relic of a time long past, but it’s still costing taxpayers about $100 million every single year."

Broten said that the $100 million spent each year on the Senate should be invested in health care, education and retirement security.

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For further information, please contact:
Erin Morrison, NDP caucus office