NDP welcomes Wolf Cop, says it proves film tax credit works

The NDP is again calling on the government to reactivate the film tax credit for all production in the province, following the recent news of the special arrangement allowing Wolf Cop to be filmed here with the help of the tax credit.

“We’re thrilled that Wolf Cop will be made in Saskatchewan, and want to see our film industry thrive once again,” said Cathy Sproule, NDP Culture critic. “Wolf Cop is proof that the film tax credit is critical when it comes to film production in Saskatchewan.”

Sproule said this one-off arrangement should be seen as an admission by the government that the tax credit works.

She also argued that the same opportunity should be extended to all film productions across our province, instead of the government arbitrarily picking winners and losers in the film industry.

“The smart thing to do is to reactivate the film tax credit so there is an opportunity for all film and television productions to once again flourish in our province,” Sproule said.

The government scrapped the film and television employment tax credit in the March 2012 budget, causing an exodus of workers and their families, and an almost complete shutdown of the film and television industry in the province.