NDP wants long-term solutions to hospitals crisis

This week at the Legislature, the NDP pushed for long-term solutions to the hospitals crisis. The government is dismissing many communities’ needs while using short-term bandaid solutions for others.

The government’s cuts throughout health care and failure to recruit enough doctors has led to overcrowded, understaffed hospitals and emergency rooms. The government has temporarily closed or reduced services in two dozen communities and Regina’s Pasqua hospital could be next, with only a two-week plan in place to keep the emergency room doors open 24 hours.

“This crisis of doctor shortages and overcrowding has been building for some time,” said NDP Leader Cam Broten. “Yet this government is scrambling at the very last minute to come up with bandaid solutions.”

Pasqua hospital is facing the prospect of night-time closure because there are only 20 emergency doctors at both hospitals, where 30 are needed. For the next two weeks, the doctors will continue to work extra shifts and overtime.

When it comes to smaller communities, like Wolseley, the government has been dismissive of the community’s urgent calls for their hospital, which has now been closed for five months.

This week, Saskatchewan people learned that despite being handed a strong economy, the government’s mid-year budget update shows it is slashing nearly $50 million more from health care.

“At a time when the economy is doing well, it just doesn’t make sense for this government to be failing when it comes to delivering hospital care, and aiming to make deeper cuts instead of fixing the problem,” said Broten. “This government’s priorities aren’t lining up with Saskatchewan families. We all want this strong economy to mean better health care – not worse."


For more information, contact:
Erin Morrison, NDP caucus