NDP wants dangerous truck traffic rerouted from Dewdney Avenue

When the provincial government amalgamated heavy haul traffic into the Global Transportation Hub (GTH), it failed to put a plan in place to route vehicles away from residential areas – now Regina families and the NDP are calling for a common sense solution before it’s too late.

Trent Wotherspoon, NDP deputy leader and critic for the GTH, and Regina residents want the province to immediately act to ensure safety, and reroute heavy haul traffic away from Regina’s Dewdney Avenue.

“The constant, heavy haul truck traffic on west Dewdney is dangerous – there’s a high school, sports fields and residential neighbourhoods there,” said Wotherspoon, who is also the MLA for the neighbourhood. “Parents are doing their part to keep their families safe. But, this government is dropping the ball by once again leaving municipalities to deal with all the fallout from a provincial project that wasn’t thought through properly.”  

Wotherspoon and Regina residents want immediate upgrades to the Pinkie Road route west of the city for heavy haul truck traffic to and from the GTH. The Pinkie Road Bridge needs to be upgraded, as does a small section of roadway so dangerous heavy haul truck traffic doesn’t travel on Dewdney Avenue.

The fix is a temporary one. A permanent west bypass must be part of a long-term solution.

Wotherspoon has been calling for a solution to the danger and infrastructure damage for more than two years while the government has dismissed the risk to safety and property.

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For more information, contact:
Erin Morrison, NDP caucus