NDP submits minority report on Traffic Safety

Opposition MLAs Danielle Chartier and Doyle Vermette believe a life-saving measure was wrongly dismissed by the Traffic Safety Committee (TSC), and have submitted a report alongside the committee’s final recommendations.

Chartier and Vermette, the two Opposition MLAs on the seven-member committee, believe short-term vehicle impoundment should be included in the committee’s recommendations and implemented in Saskatchewan. After Alberta and British Columbia each implemented a three-day vehicle impoundment the first time a driver is caught with a .05 blood alcohol concentration, the number of alcohol-involved traffic deaths dropped by half in each of those provinces. This information was presented to the TSC, but short-term vehicle impoundment is left out of the committee’s final recommendations.

“It’s our neighbours, our friends and our kids out there on the highways. The evidence says short-term impoundment saves lives – the NDP wants to take that step,” said Chartier. “This government is missing an opportunity to get it right and prevent as many deaths as possible.”

Chartier and Vermette agree with the 26 recommendations made in the committee’s final report, and urge the government act on the recommendations and not let the report gather dust.

“I urged the government to act on traffic safety at the end of last year when the number of highway fatalities, sadly, hit record numbers,” said Chartier. “Convening a committee is only a first step – Saskatchewan families need to see immediate action to help everyone get home safe.”

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Danielle Chartier, co-chair of the Traffic Safety Committee and co-author of the minority report, will be available to media at 1:30 p.m. at the legislature, Rm. 265.

For more information, contact:
Erin Morrison, NDP caucus