NDP says syrup is not a vegetable

A menu released by the Pioneer Village seniors care home shows that it’s counting syrup as a vegetable.

The menu for all meals served Christmas week was released by Pioneer Village Monday.

“It’s disappointing and disturbing that the government has been defending the food it’s serving seniors in care,” said NDP Leader Cam Broten. “Syrup is not a vegetable.

“These are medically vulnerable people, and they deserve better care. Better than watery, cold macaroni being called a vegetable. Better than a cold slice of bologna on a plate being called the meal’s meat protein. Much better than the ridiculous assertion that syrup is a vegetable.”

Poor food was identified in the government’s own CEO tours of seniors care homes last summer, and by the government’s own law reform commission. Those two reviews revealed examples like “blenderized” hot dogs being fed to residents.

“This is another facet of the poor quality of care in Saskatchewan seniors care homes right now,” said Broten. “It has to stop.”

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See the menu from Pioneer Village here.

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Erin Morrison, NDP caucus