NDP puts people ahead of politics during spring session

During the spring session of the legislature, the NDP consistently championed issues that matter to Saskatchewan families, the middle class and vulnerable people.

"We were able to win for Saskatchewan people this session because we stuck to the issues that matter to them," said NDP Leader Cam Broten, who prioritized education and seniors care along with government transparency immediately after being elected leader. "For us, this session was all about putting people ahead of politics."

Broten said the most powerful moments of the session happened when individuals came forward to share their own story and contribute to the provincial discussion -- but Broten was also proud to have led cooperation between both parties during the spring session.

He introduced Howard’s Law – a groundbreaking bill to make a registry of public buildings with asbestos available online. Although the Sask. Party was initially opposed to the bill, Broten, working with a coalition of supporters, convinced the government to cooperate on the bill’s progress and eventual passage.

"I want to work with the government when it makes sense," said Broten. "The constructive approach we took on Howard’s Law is the kind of cooperation I want to lead when it comes to seniors care, education, health and things that matter to Saskatchewan people."

Most disappointing to the NDP this session was the Sask. Party’s stubborn dismissal of concerns and facts that contradict its spin and billboards. From individuals whose concerns were dismissed or argued to facts that were brushed aside, the Sask. Party showed a stubborn refusal to admit mistakes.

"Individuals needed help and expected to have their voices heard, but were treated poorly and dismissed by the Sask. Party government," said Broten, who noted that several families’ claims were argued or ignored by the Sask. Party. The same treatment was shown to the independent provincial auditor and her office while it prepared and delivered reports critical of the government.

Broten said the Sask. Party’s dismissive attitude only makes the Opposition New Democrats’ work more important. Broten will spend the summer crossing the province, listening to people’s ideas and priorities.

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