NDP calls for minimum wage regulations

The NDP is calling on the Sask. Party government to put minimum wage indexing in writing and on a timeline.

After calls from the Opposition, the Sask. Party promised in the spring to index the minimum wage to inflation. The change can’t take place until the Minimum Wage Regulations are amended – a change the labour minister said more than two months ago was already overdue.

On May 2, Labour Minister Don Morgan told a committee of the Legislature “I can tell you, you know, we’re at a point now in the calendar that if we were going to have indexed minimum wage, we should be announcing that about now so that it would come into place six months later.”

NDP labour critic David Forbes said it’s time for an announcement, giving employers the notice they deserve and putting the indexation on schedule.

“Employers and working people need to know how much minimum wage will be on Jan. 1,” said David Forbes, NDP labour critic, who opposed the vast amount of labour law left out of the Saskatchewan Employment Act by the Sask. Party government, which said it would address omissions including the minimum wage indexation formula in regulations.

To date, no regulations have been announced by the Sask. Party.

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For further information, please contact:
Erin Morrison, NDP caucus office