NDP blasts plan to raise taxes

The government is looking to raise education taxes and use the money to fund bridges and overpasses -- a plan NDP Leader Cam Broten says is wrong because it forces Saskatchewan families to pay more, and takes money out of education to cover this government's infrastructure holes in other areas.

"Government revenue and government spending is higher than ever," said Broten. "This government shouldn't have to keep turning to Saskatchewan families to pay more." 

The premier revealed the potential tax hike while speaking to media at a Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association convention in Regina Monday.

Broten said that with increases planned this year for SaskTel internet, SaskEnergy, SaskPower, SGI and more, Saskatchewan families will already face a much higher cost of living.

He added that education property tax was meant to pay for education – to fix crumbling, overcrowded schools and ensure the appropriate resources are in place for students – not to cover shortfalls in the government's infrastructure plan.

"Hiking education tax to use as a piggy bank to pay for the government's shortcomings when it comes to overpasses and bridges is absolutely unacceptable," said Broten.

Broten said that Saskatchewan families are doing their part for the economy and to grow the province -- the government needs to do its part by responsibly managing the money so it doesn't need to raise taxes on families or make painful cuts to valuable services when times are good.

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NDP Leader Cam Broten will be available to the media for comment today, Feb. 4, at the Legislature, Rm. 265 at 1:15.

For more information, contact:
Erin Morrison, NDP caucus