Lack of depth means Wall didn’t shuffle out problems

Thursday’s cabinet shuffle shows a lack of depth on the government’s roster. The premier was forced to keep ministers who have caused problems in their portfolios, and failed to find anyone to represent several cities.

“This cabinet shuffle shows a lack of bench strength within that government’s ranks,” said NDP Leader Cam Broten. “The fact that the premier couldn’t find anyone to take over the Finance portfolio, even after Ken Krawetz announced he’s retiring, is telling. Krawetz is one of the cabinet ministers who had to pay taxpayers back for inappropriately billing them for a luxury chauffeured limo. Plus, our debt has gone up and our long-term savings is non-existent. It should have been time to move on, but it looks like there was no one to promote.”

Broten also said the decision to keep Dustin Duncan in health and Don Morgan in education puts the premier’s stubbornness on display, and shows he has no one else to turn to.

“It’s Mr. Wall who is responsible for the Lean experiment that has turned our health care system into a cash cow for American consultants – but removing Duncan from that portfolio would have sent a clear message that they’re going to take a step back and start applying common sense. Instead, he’s choosing to double-down on the controversial Lean experiment.

“Mr. Wall is also sending a message that he wants to plow ahead with the education plan parents and teachers have already rejected.  Teachers are being disrespected, parents are being ignored and school boards have the Lean initiative claw back hanging over their heads. Failing to change the minister of education is really a sign that students, teachers and parents are in for more of the same.”

Broten said it’s a huge concern that no one from Moose Jaw, Prince Albert, Yorkton or the Battlefords will have a seat around the cabinet table.

“No one in that government is speaking on behalf of Prince Albert families who need more affordability and that critical second bridge. No one in that government is speaking up for Moose Jaw and area schools and highways.”

Broten said he is disappointed that Premier Brad Wall chose not to set a new tone with Thursday’s shuffle to end the culture of entitlement that has been growing in his government, which has had a number of expense and entitlement scandals revealed this year.

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