Health and Social Services jobs down by 1,700

The Opposition has been concerned about a trend of cuts in health care and social services jobs, and is disappointed to see another 1,700 jobs in those sectors lost according to Friday’s Statistics Canada Labour Force Survey.

There were also 1,200 jobs lost in the education sector, compared to one year ago.

“Health care workers, case workers for vulnerable children, education sector workers – cutting these jobs as our province grows makes no sense at all,” said NDP Health critic Danielle Chartier.

Other sectors that lost jobs compared to one year ago include Transportation and Warehousing (-6,100); Information, Culture and Recreation (-4,700); Professional, Scientific and Technical Services (-800); and Manufacturing (-100). These losses point to a province moving in the wrong direction when it comes to creating a diverse, sustainable economy able withstand a drop in oil prices.

The NDP also raised concerns that engagement in the workforce among First Nations people is heading in the wrong direction as people drop out of the workforce, meaning they’re no longer looking for work or counted in the unemployment rate.

The number of First Nations people active in the work force – working or looking for work – has dropped by 1,500 people compared to a year ago, and the number of First Nations people working dropped by 1,000.

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