Government votes against fixing dishonest bookkeeping

Under questioning about its failed audit, the government voted against a motion Monday to use truthful accounting – a move by the government in favour of protecting its dishonest financial reporting practices.

“This is unprecedented,” said NDP finance critic Trent Wotherspoon. “This government failed an audit as a result of its dishonest accounting practices. For the government to say now it wants to continue those dishonest practices – that’s utter disrespect for taxpayers, and it has to stop.”

In Monday’s Public Accounts Committee meeting, with the independent provincial auditor present, Wotherspoon moved for the committee to vote in favour of rectifying the unprecedented failed audit, and take action to ensure that Saskatchewan's public finances are honest and reliable.

The government members voted against the motion, which was defeated.

Prior to that motion, Wotherspoon moved that the provincial government use Canadian Generally Accepted Accounting Principles in the future, as is required in the rest of the country. Astoundingly, the government also defeated that motion.

At the end of 2013, Wotherspoon and the NDP blasted the government for being the first government in Canada to fail an audit on its central books for manipulating the General Revenue Fund with unacceptable practices involving financial transfers and faulty accounting.

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