Government’s lack of oversight leads to medical school probation

On this government’s watch, the province’s only medical school has been put on probation.

“This government can’t be trusted to manage the details,” said NDP post-secondary education critic Warren McCall. “Despite being warned in 2011 of the problems at the medical school – despite being given two years to fix them and having a dedicated partner in the university administration – this government allowed the province’s only medical school to be put on probation.”

The University of Saskatchewan medical school admits 120 students each year. About half of the graduates each year stay in Saskatchewan, easing the doctor shortage with home-grown physicians committed to Saskatchewan families.

McCall added that the medical school probation is far from the first problem this government has caused in universities as a result of its lack of engagement or appropriate management.

  • Saskatchewan students pay the second-highest tuition in the nation.
  • Unprecedented debt levels at both universities have led to layoffs and program cancellations.
  • The International Performance Assessment Centre for the Geologic Storage of carbon dioxide (IPAC-CO2) research project has struggled under the weight of overspending, millions of wasted dollars and conflict-of-interest problems.
  • There are shortfalls in capital funding for buildings currently under construction at both universities.

“Having strong universities and training programs is a key part of a smart-growth strategy for Saskatchewan’s future. It’s obvious that university education is not on the radar for this government,” said McCall, who pointed out that on Sept. 13, Premier Brad Wall denied that Saskatchewan students pay the second-highest tuition rates in the nation, falsely saying: “Tuition in Saskatchewan is not the second highest in Canada,” contradicting Statistics Canada.

“From misinformation to mismanagement, this government has put students and their schools on the back-burner,” said McCall. “That’s not fair to students and it’s a short-sighted way to ignore Saskatchewan’s future.”

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