Government financial statements show piles of new debt

The government's latest financial statement confirms that its net debt went up by $937 million last year, which is 105 per cent higher than the government had budgeted.

"Saskatchewan people are increasingly frustrated when they keep hearing about this government adding more and more debt," said NDP Deputy Leader and Finance critic Trent Wotherspoon. "This government has had record revenues for eight long years, yet it's blown through all that money and hasn’t saved a dime for the future.”  

Saskatchewan’s overall government debt has been steadily going up under the Sask. Party government. In this year’s budget, the government is borrowing $700 million and adding $1.5 billion in new debt. The government is also planning to largely drain the rainy day fund, which used to have $1.35 billion in it.

"With all that spending, we should be seeing major improvements in health care, seniors care, education and infrastructure, but we're not," said Wotherspoon. "No wonder more and more Saskatchewan people are asking where all that money went. The reality is this government has wasted far too much money on misplaced priorities and bad choices."

The government’s documents show that, by the end of this fiscal year, total government debt will have increased by 27 per cent since 2008. Crown debt has increased by 165 per cent during that time.