Government denies NDP motion on fair funding for First Nations education

The government refused Monday to support an NDP motion in the legislature calling for fair funding for First Nations education.

Currently, First Nations students on reserve are funded at a level between half and two-thirds the funding for students in provincial schools.

"Improving First Nations education and employment outcomes is of huge importance to our province," NDP Leader Cam Broten said. "It's unfair and immoral to underfund First Nations education."

Included among the Senate-scandal documents recently released by the RCMP was an internal memo from the Prime Minister's Office which showed that discussion of increased funding for First Nations education is against government messaging and policy direction.

"It's shocking that the Prime Minister's Office has such disdain for any discussion of the need to improve funding for First Nations education," Broten said. "And, it's disappointing that the provincial government refused to pass my straightforward motion calling for fair funding."


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