Bullying report light on action, light on details

The NDP is disappointed that the government’s bullying report has few details and little action described.

“The long wait for this report came with hope that Saskatchewan’s young people would see action to address bullying immediately,” said David Forbes, NDP critic for diversity, equality and human rights. “This government took far too much time to come back with far too little to protect kids and stop bullying.”

The NDP’s expectations for the report included concrete help for establishing gay-straight alliances in schools; an immediate action plan to investigate and stop cyberbullying; and concrete measures to help stop bullying before is starts. The NDP has pointed to other provinces’ models as adaptable for Saskatchewan.

The NDP also hoped that immediate actions would be announced today, since the government coordinated its response with the release of the report. Forbes pointed to the creation of an informational website – an action that could have been done already.

“Nothing in this report appears to give Saskatchewan kids safer schools tomorrow,” said Forbes.

- 30 -

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Erin Morrison, NDP caucus