Broten to Wall: confirm revenue-sharing promise at SUMA

NDP Leader Cam Broten said Brad Wall must confirm for the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association (SUMA) Monday that he won’t destroy the province’s revenue-sharing formula. Wall said in January he was considering changing the formula and denying municipalities promised revenue.

“Cities and towns are already being short-changed by this government when it comes to infrastructure funding,” said Broten. “Denying municipalities the portion of the PST they were promised will only mean deeper troubles for everyone’s roads, buildings and services – and higher property taxes for families.”

Wall is scheduled to speak at SUMA’s annual convention Monday. On Jan. 8, he said he may break the deal under which one percentage point of PST is divided among municipalities in order to make the provincial budget work, and hasn’t backed away from those comments since.

“Over the past weeks, I’ve listened to mayors and councillors from all over the province who say that cutting the promised revenue would be hugely problematic. But, Mr. Wall is simply not listening again,” said Broten. “Many cities have already written annual budgets that count on the revenue-sharing deal they were promised. This government needs to confirm now it won’t make up for its spending problems with slashed revenue sharing and higher property taxes for Saskatchewan families.”

Broten said, especially considering high provincial revenue, the province should look to government waste to cut spending instead of looking to property tax payers to increase revenue. Government waste that could be cut immediately includes millions of dollars in Lean administration and bloated health management; millions of dollars the government is giving away to the manufacturer of the dangerous smart meters; and more than $120 million per year being spent on government consultants.

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