Broten sets priorities in first week

NDP Leader Cam Broten’s first week in the Legislature was used to get to work on the areas he’ll focus on as leader of the official Opposition, Saskatchewan’s NDP.

“I’ll cooperate with the government and support things that are working in Saskatchewan,” said Broten. “But I want to see changes where Saskatchewan deserves better, including a sustainable growth plan for education and better long-term care for seniors.”

Broten said that smaller class sizes and putting educational assistants back in classrooms are part of his plan for schools, while his priority list for long-term care includes creating more spaces and more choices for seniors. Broten noted that moving seniors out of hospital beds and into appropriate care homes would make hospitals more efficient and address hallway medicine and emergency room crowding.

The third area of focus for Broten will be forcing the Sask. Party government to be more accountable and more transparent.

“The Sask. Party is stubborn,” said Broten. “It has been pushing ahead on plans without listening and refusing to admit when it makes a mistake. Saskatchewan people deserve a government that listens and a government that puts people ahead of politicians.”

Broten and the NDP team raised a number of issues on behalf of Saskatchewan’s middle class in his first week as leader, and used question period to ask about:

•    The Sask. Party’s controversial IPAC cover-up;
•    The Sask. Party’s short-sighted plans to reduce the size of Moose Jaw’s new hospital by one-third;
•    The Sask. Party’s failure in increasing the stock of rental housing;
•    A mould problem at Saskatoon’s Parkridge long-term care home;
•    Why the Sask. Party refuses to consider putting a cap on growing class sizes; and
•    How the Sask. Party let lobbyists convince it to put a promised lobbyist registry on hold.

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