Broten’s focus on challenging misplaced priorities, forcing progress on what matters

NDP leader asks: where did all the money go?

This government keeps neglecting the real needs in classrooms, hospitals and seniors care homes while it continues to spend on wasteful pet projects, says NDP Leader Cam Broten – and that will be the focus of the spring session of the Legislative Assembly, set to start Monday.

Broten said health care, the seniors care crisis, and the deteriorating situation for young students is what should be at the top of the agenda – and he’ll use the spring legislative sitting to push those issues.

“We've had a decade of significant resource wealth. We still have billions more coming in and being spent by this government every year,” said Broten.

“But, more and more, people are asking where all that money has gone.”

Broten said instead of creating the best schools in the country and eliminating hospital overcrowding and emergency room waits, the Sask. Party government has been spending its time and people’s money on pet projects. Among them:

  • The toxic John Black Lean project, slated to keep costing taxpayers tens of millions of dollars every year. 

  • A bloated health administration.

  • High-priced consultants now costing taxpayers more than $120 million per year, with no documentation even describing their purpose 70 per cent of the time. 

  • The smart meter fiasco. The Sask. Party government has not only given away millions of taxpayers’ dollars to the manufacturer of the fire-prone meters, but is actually planning to buy more meters from the same company.

  • Wasteful entitlement behavior like unnecessary trips to Ghana, London and Oscar parties in Hollywood, staying in luxury hotels, and using chauffeured limousines; or years wasted planning the legacy project Premier’s Library, modelled after an American presidential library.

“Increasingly, this government has its head in the sand when it comes to the needs and priorities of Saskatchewan families,” said Broten. “Saskatchewan people will not accept budget pain when it comes to our families’ health or our kids’ classrooms just so the Sask. Party government can keep shovelling untold millions to things like its Lean pet project and more and more consultants. This government needs to start focusing on the priorities of Saskatchewan people."

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