Broten, NDP support motion to abolish Senate

On Wednesday, the NDP will unanimously vote in favour of abolishing the Senate, and will also vote to repeal the government’s pro-Senate election Act.

The NDP has been pushing to abolish the unnecessary, unelected and unaccountable Senate for decades.

“As Opposition Leader, I have said I will cooperate when what the government is doing makes sense,” said NDP Leader Cam Broten. “I’m pleased this government had landed in support of our position on the Senate, and will be very pleased to take a step toward concrete change today.”

Taxpayers spend $100 million per year, each and every year, funding the Senate and the lifestyles of senators – money the NDP believes would be better spent on things that matter to Saskatchewan families, like better health care or investments in classrooms.

“Saskatchewan families have good Saskatchewan common sense – they are not amused by the high cost of supporting senators’ lifestyles, and they’re outraged by the scandals of the Senate,” said Broten, who noted that despite the many years it took to convince the government’s party to support Senate abolition, he hopes today will be a day of cooperation between the two parties.

Broten added that today’s votes should be a starting point for the government, which should now work to convince other premiers and Ottawa to follow suit.

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Erin Morrison, NDP caucus