Another hit to economic diversity, government cancels innovation program

The technology industry has been dealt a blow by the government – along with the much-needed economic diversity the NDP has been calling for – with the closure of SpringBoard West Innovations.

“Saskatchewan’s NDP is very optimistic about the future of natural resources in the province,” said NDP finance critic Trent Wotherspoon. “But, those commodities will see highs and lows. Saskatchewan people and businesses have given the province a great economic opportunity and this government should be using that opportunity to diversify the economy and build long-term, stable prosperity.”

SpringBoard West, a successful incubator for innovative technology businesses, is being defunded by the government because its work is not entirely in the energy, resources or agriculture fields.

“When it comes to technology, the film industry and more, this government is actively moving in the wrong direction,” said Wotherspoon, who also cited the government’s closure of Communities of Tomorrow, which was working with municipalities to innovate more effective and efficient ways to build necessary infrastructure.

The NDP believes Saskatchewan could be a hotbed for innovative technology research and business development, information technology, infrastructure innovation and cultural industries.

“This government is putting all its eggs in one basket,” said Wotherspoon. “The NDP wants more eggs and more baskets to build long-term, stable prosperity.”

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