Meili calls for investment in Saskatchewan’s energy city

NDP Leader Ryan Meili is in Estevan today to discuss the region’s future with local leaders.

“Estevan has always been an energy city. With the best solar exposure in the country and great opportunities for wind and geothermal, the future can and should be bright for this community as we modernize our energy system,” Meili said. “But that takes leadership, and the Sask. Party government isn’t providing any direction or clarity about the future.”

Reality check: “Hold my wine”? Moe’s Sask. Party trumps Ford’s Conservatives when it comes to sketchy political donations

Ontario Premier Doug Ford may be catching heat for promoting a winery on his propaganda network after accepting $2,050 in donations from its president, but Saskatchewan is still the ‘wild west’ when it comes to campaign finance laws.

Thanks to outdated laws that the Sask. Party has refused to change, Saskatchewan is the only province in Canada that still allows big money to dominate its elected government and its decisions. Corporations, unions, organizations and individuals, including those from out of province, are allowed to donate unlimited amounts to Saskatchewan political parties and candidates. And the Sask. Party takes full advantage of the legislative vacuum, raking in millions from many of the same people and businesses that in turn enjoy lucrative government contracts and Crown board appointments. 

Families desperate for help, NDP calls for suicide strategy

According to the latest figures from the Saskatchewan Coroner’s Service, there were 209 suicides in 2018, an increase of 16 per cent over the previous year. That represents a 69 per cent increase over the number of suicides in the province that took place in 2005, with more than 2,100 lives lost to suicide since then. 

In recognition of the growing crisis, the NDP Mental Health and Addictions Critic and Critic for Northern Saskatchewan joined mental health advocate Marilyn Irwin in Saskatoon today to call on the Saskatchewan government to implement a province-wide suicide prevention strategy.

“Step aside for the sake of your constituents”: Meili calls for Sask. Party MLAs to resign ahead of Aug. 6 loophole

The NDP is calling for federal Conservative candidates Corey Tochor and Warren Steinley to resign their jobs as Sask. Party MLAs before August 6 to ensure that by-elections are held in those constituencies. Because of a loophole in the Legislative Assembly Act, if the two MLAs wait to resign until the writ is dropped in September, Premier Moe would not have to call by-elections in the two seats, leaving the constituents of Regina Walsh Acres and Saskatoon Eastview without an MLA for nearly 14 months. 

“These two federal candidates have spent the summer knocking doors for Andrew Scheer while cashing cheques from the people of Saskatchewan,” said NDP Leader Ryan Meili. “They should have done the right thing and stepped aside months ago, but they still have a chance — as long as they do it this week.

“Sending the wrong message”: NDP calls on Premier to remove MLA charged with assault from caucus

The NDP is calling for Premier Moe to show leadership and remove MLA Nadine Wilson from caucus following a statement from the Premier indicating that she has been charged with assault.

“When an MLA is facing serious criminal charges, it’s only reasonable that they resign from caucus until the matter is resolved,” Meili said. “By failing to enforce that standard, the Premier is sending the wrong message about how seriously he takes this charge and the issue of elder abuse.”

NDP, advocate call for action on gangs and crystal meth

The NDP is calling on the Sask. Party government to address the factors fueling crime in our province, which is leaving many people feeling unsafe in their communities. The latest crime severity statistics highlight the seriousness of the problem, including a dramatic increase in meth-related incidents. Saskatoon and Regina both place in the worst four Canadian cities for crime severity, with an increase in shootings in Regina and several recent homicides in Saskatoon. NDP Leader Ryan Meili joined Shane Partridge, safety coordinator for the Pleasant Hill Community Association and a member of the Okihtcitawak Patrol Group, in calling on the government to introduce a province-wide gang strategy.   

"It’s hard to think of anything worse than not feeling safe in your own home, but that’s how many people are feeling seeing these crime severity and meth-related incident numbers,” said Meili. “If we want to provide a safer community for everyone, we need to address the root causes of crime, like poverty and addiction. This government needs to stop dragging its feet and put together a provincial gang strategy that addresses the causes of crime, not just the symptoms.”